Mark, thank you so much for the sample bags for our upcoming Skye Terrier Roving Speciality. It will be fun talking to people about your food and how much we
love it...what a great descion it was to feed Timberwolf.

You know, we used to feed Best in Show, I was really nervous when we could no
longer get BIS as I was pleased with his coat.

How long have we been feeding Southwestern Chicken now? I am so happy with this food. Rob's coat is so shiny and his pigment is so rich. In fact, I spent the weekend thinning it because he has too much! Rob just had his 2 year birthday and he is really starting to bulk up. His intestinal system is so reliable now and his stools have been consistently
firm and of the same size. The itchy scratchies are gone...how nice it is to not go to the veternarians office!

A few weeks ago he had a group 1 and a group 4 and last weekend a group 2...and he isn't even finished yet! It's the food...keep up the good work and thank-you so much!

Julie E. Degnan
Lairdoglen Rob Roy

P.S. Your delivery system is very reliable and we
have never had a problem.
Anything I can do to help promote your food, just let
me know!


Hi these pic's attached the bornw & white is the dog above & myself showing in the afternoon west sunshine facing us. I have feed my 3 Cavaliers & our cat, your food for a couple of yr's now & am pleased with the results & how they look.
I feel it is important to feed a quality food to maintain good health & performance. It shows in the Best of Breed wins he has garnered. It also shows in the promising young pup raised on your food shown here at the age of 8 months before her 1st show at home. Tibama's Highland Ninetynine at Catesby.  Thank you - Jill Scandroli Owner & handler of Catesby Cavaliers Memphis, Tn. 


A week or so ago, we ordered the small bag of
the lamb formula. Tristan, our 6 yr old standard
poodle, loves your food--even better than my home

We found out about you in the Whole Dog Journal
and decided that it was time to try a new kibble
supplement. Now we may give home cooking a rest and
just use the lamb formula for a while. Thank you
for providing a dog food that we can feed him with a
clear conscience.

Janie Dillon


Dear Mark & Rozina,
I am writing to tell you how pleased we have been with the
Southwest Chicken Formula and the Lamb Roll for our golden retrievers.  The ingredient's are beyond superior and the smaller size kibbles are wonderful.  This is truly a meat based kibble with other outstanding ingredient's. Thank you for all of your hard work and effort's in research and development of such a fine food. We hope it will be more
available on the West Coast in the future too.  The foil bag's and timely shipping were excellent.  Good luck with your all of your products. 


I have ordered SEVERAL of your samples for my 14-month-old pitbull and 5-year-old cat and received all of them yesterday (I was thrilled when they arrived only 4 days after I ordered them). I've tried MANY different brands of food for the dog and havn't been crazy about any of them. Last night I mixed in a very small amount of the new food with the dog and the cat's old foods and they both loved it. After reviewing all of the information on your webpage and trying out some of the samples I ordered, I have decided that your dog and cat foods are far better than ANYTING I could go out and buy at the petstore or get from the vet. I am going to switch both the cat and the dog over to Timberwolf Organics and recommend it to every pet owner I know. I was wondering if you were going to be making any type of cat treats in the future. Also, is it o.k. to mix several of the samples or foods together in one feeding or is it better to feed all one kind of food one day and then another the next day (I'm planning on buying several different types of the dog food and rotating or mixing them) ? 




Kate Singer

St. Louis, MO


I have Persians and Himi's with coats of various lengths. I no longer have to deal with mats …….None! They are much more calm, I have had no more upper respitories, I have had nothing but strong healthy kittens and have not lost a one! Best of all their coats are so vibrant and alive they look like the outside kitty's fur on a cold morning when I was growing up. Also I have no eye drainage or staining and I always thought that was just a part of the Persian. I know this change can be attributed to the oil 'cause I have been feeding the "feline-future" diet for nearly a year and they had detoxed mightily but when I added your high quality oil I saw the changes above after about 6 to 8 weeks and they are doing awesome.

Chere fox


 Dashiell, my three year old Sheltie, suffers with respiratory allergies to grass, leaf mold, pine mulch and straw. His second summer, he had a ventral rash, alopecia and severe itching which resulted in his being treated with antibiotics and prednisone. I don't like putting young animals on steroids so I began researching kibbles and supplements and tried Wild Elements. At this year's well-puppy check-up, the vet asked "Isn't this the dog that had alopecia last year?" "Yes." "But his coat is good. Did we put him on prednisone this year?" "No." "What are you doing?

He looks great!" "Check his chart," I said. "He is carefully fed with kibbles made from whole foods and he gets a supplement, Wild Elements. I've hardly had to dose him with Benadryl at all this summer, despite it's being a bad summer for allergies." "This is amazing!" he said.

Smooch, my Papillon, has Pica. This means that she is drawn to eating non-food items such as kitty poop, twigs, leaves, paper and plastic. It is believed that Pica is the result of a metabolic problem with processing minerals. Since supplementing her with Wild Elements there is a significant decrease in incidents of Pica and she is less of a glutton, as well.

Edo, my male tabby, steals the Wild Element if I forget to put it back in the fridge, tears holes in the bag and sucks the contents down. He has a problem with silt in his bladder and Wild Elements is another way to get more water into him - a way he really enjoys that adds to his overall health.

I have not found another product like it. Of all the commercial and "show" supplements available, none are as high in protein, probiotics and herbs as is Wild Elements. Now, if I could only get Mark to send it when I ask for it!

Pat O'Malley

Camp Hill, PA


I thought I would just write and tell you that my dog Bert just loves your food. He has been eating the Southwest Chicken and Herbs. He gets fussy over his food usually and will turn his nose up and won't eat for a couple of days till he realises that I am not giving him anything else but with Timberwolf Organics he eats it everytime and never goes off it. I buy him the Wild and Natural Roll too for treats and us it for training, he really goes nuts for that and I can get him to do anything for a piece of it. I was thinking of changing his food to the roll because it can be used as a dog food but I like to have it so I can bribe him so I might just keep him on the Southwest Chicken. Either way your products really are great we thank you.

I love the bag too it keeps the food so fresh and so it smells so good when I open it.

I also really like your website it is so informative about everything. I particularly like the pages that refer to Herbs, and the wolves, it all makes such perfect sense. Finally there is now a dog food that resembles a wolfs diet, it has been long overdue.


Thanks from Bert and Katherine



Hi Mark,


Thanks for responding so quickly. That is a load off of my mind. Just keep making that dog food. : ) As I explained when I ordered last time, my oldest Shar Pei, Buttons has always had allergies and her rear legs have always been dark. She is a cream color. I don't know exactly what it is in the ingredients, but even with her continuing allergies (flea and airborne) her skin has lightened up and looks much healthier. We are working on the allergy problems and appear to be making progress. Thanks again.


Lana Hoda 



 We have been feeding the dogs the new food for almost 2 weeks now and the difference is absolutely amazing. I very much liked using your product before, I liked your ingredients and your commitment to purity, but this new formula is superior, for my dogs a least. I have noticed this week that their coats are much shinier than they have ever been, EVER, and they have a lot more energy. At one point, before I started feeding them the new food, they both seemed a little overweight, pudgy, and sluggish.... but now they both are looking leaner...in a good way....I know the test will be a weigh-in at the vets, but I am sure they have lost a little weight, and I am glad. Their stools are smaller than before...hehehe... I notice that kind of thing.....and their appetites are just fine. I am (er, THEY are) crazy about this food, I love the results I am seeing. Just thought I'd let you know! 


Deb Listander


Caloosa Ranch Rottweilers



Hi Mark --


Anyway, I've been wanting to tell you that even though we BARF our two dogs, they absolutely won't eat their raw meaty bones unless I drag them in Wild Elements first. I call it "Shake and No Bake". Our one guy spends tenminutes licking the bones clean of the Wile Elements, and when he's sure he's licked it all off, THEN he will begin crunching on the bones! It's pretty funny. He is also not fiond of veggies -- but if I use your Lamb Meat and Herb Roll in his veggie mush, he'll eat! I'm really looking forward to the beef/tripe roll, which is on the order I'm trying to place. 

I recently noticed our other dog, a BC mix who will eat anything that doesn't eat her first, is also getting picky about having to have the W.E. on her food. She is a counter cruiser. One day I went looking for the remaining half a lamb/herb roll and couldn't find it. I remembered I had forgotten to put it back in the refrigerator when I cut some off for treats earlier that day. 

I never found that 2# hunk of roll, but I did realize why Hallie's backyard deposit had been a little reddish brown! The skinny little runt had eaten two pounds of the stuff -- packaging and all! (Yes, even the little metal staple). 

So our two dogs love your stuff, even if we don't buy your dry food.


Tina McGugan



Just wanted to let you know Jonathan, 12 months old, took BOW on Friday. Jeffrey, 3 years old took BOS on Friday. Jonathan, 12 months old took BOW and then BOS from classes on Saturday. These black Pugs eat your food.



Hi Mark, 


I got the food yesterday. My dogs love it. I love the dog food rolls. My poor husband almost ate it though. I cut them up to separate for the dogs and put them in bags for freezing. He thought that they were some kind of food for him.




Tammy Johnson, Equinunk PA




Well, it's only the first day but I must say all the products I tried (I didn't open the lamb roll yet) are BIG hits! They first turned up their nose at the kibble but, within minutes, were scarfing it down fast! They even went scouting for dropped bits! This morning I added the supplement to their breakfast kibble (Back to Basics) and they came running before they were called - not usual! The stuff smells chickeny to me and must smell wonderful to them. While I usually found a lot of Missing Link in the bowl, the bowls were licked clean this morning!


Pat, Camp Hill PA


Hi Mark,


Just want to update you on how pleased I am with Timberwolf Organics products. My dog Skye has been on TW about 9 months now and is in glowing health. His hair is shiny, he doesn't have "dog breath", nor dog smell. We have agility classes with several purebred dogs, (Skye's a mix). He looks so much healthier than them they should be ashamed! I don't think their owners realize the difference a nutritious diet makes. Well, I sure do and hope you & TW are around forever!





I love your products. Three of my Pugs would not eat and I mix this with the dry food and they eat very bit.


Thank you,

Van Buskirk, Forrestville MD


 Thanks Mark....a good product is easy to recommend! Don't change a thing, I am thrilled with how my dogs look and act.Take care


Dawn F. Letry

Crystal Creek Bernese Mountain Dogs and one Norwich!!

 Double Oak, TX



Please send the rest of my order as soon as possible. I'm convinced this is the best dog food on earth. My dogs coats are shinier, softer and darker, they used to have fish breath and now that's gone, there is less shedding, my seven year old Greyhound was very lethargic and now he is full of energy, their stools are small, dark and most unbelievably have NO odor! My dogs have always been on super premium foods: Flint River Ranch, Eukanuba, Nutro Max, Sensible Choice Etc. I know you said you would like to tweak your formulas and make them even better, but I really don't see how to be honest with you.

Thank You,

Ed Payette, Rhode Island


Hi all,

I had promised to send an update once in a while in regard to my neighbors dogs who we started on the Timber Wolf Organics food a couple of months ago.

The neighbors dogs are 4 greyhounds and 1 poodle. 2 of the greyhounds are over 10 years old, another 3 years and another 5 months.

The dogs were originally fed Pedigree. they were switched to Canidae and were fed Canidae for about 9 months. They were then put on TW about 3 months ago.

So, down to the nitty gritty. These dogs have improved a lot on the TW in the past few months. Their coats and skin condition are much improved, especially the older dogs. One is hypothyroid and he has improved the most. Looks very good. All dogs no longer have the eye goobers they had had previously, especially the little poodle seems to have clearer eyes. With two of the dogs their nails also seem to be not as brittle as before (something I always look at when considering a dogs condition).

Their muscle is good but then again most greyhound are :) and there seems to be more vigor in their attitude and energy.

I know often dogs do a "bloom" when put on a new food but I think after three months on the TW they would have bloomed and started toward a plateau by now. I don't see that. They continue to look much improved. They did have gas the first couple of weeks but that is no longer an issue :)

That is all, just reporting in as promised. I have no affiliation with this food or any other." 

Take care,

Stacey G, Colorado


Hi Mark,

"I would like to report that this is the first time all of my puppies' ears have come up so quickly! Same breeding, everything else is the same. Only now they have all been on your food! Obviously they are getting the nutrition they need. I have also not had any incidences of pano since being on TWO! Please keep up the good work!"

Emily Foster. German Shepherd breeder and schutzhund enthusiast. Arcadia, FL  



"My name is Dawn, I am from the United States Department of Agriculture and I just want to give you a whole bunch of compliments! We now feed all of our dogs your food and I am amazed at the results! The feed store where we buy your food gave me your phone number just so I could rave about your product! We are now feeding all of our dogs Timberwolf Oganics. While we can't give an official endorsement of a product, I personally can attest that the results have been nothing short of amazing! We work our dogs pretty hard and there are some dogs that have a hard time keeping weight on. All of our dogs are now solid and we feed half of what we were feeding!

We also like to get some of our dogs from local shelters and as you can imagine they're not always in the best of shape. We have one dog named "Bo" for example who looked absolutely horrible. He was terribly underweight, would constantly scratch and his coat was patchy and dry. The vet we use recommended a fish & potato food that helped some, but he could still not put any weight on. Since feeding him your food however he looks fabulous! His coat has come in full, he has stopped scratching and he has put on weight, all on 1 1/4 cups per day down from 3 1/2 cups per day! I'm going to put my own dogs on your food and recommend it to other agencies! Again great work! Thank you and keep up the good work!"

 Dawn. USDA Drug Detection trainer. Orlando, FL 



" I raise German Shepherds and train them in schutzhund and this is best food I've used! I have used them all: Solid Gold, Canidae, Nutro etc. Timberwolf Organics is definitely the best. They have more energy, their coats look good, and they have good muscle tone. I've gone from 5 - 6 cups per day to about 2 1/2 cups per day and they still maintain weight. I'm very pleased". 

Emily Foster. German Shepherd breeder and schutzhund enthusiast. Arcadia, FL



"Well, it's been 4 months since I started my two mixed breeds Ginger and Freddie on the Lamb formula. After 5 years of trying absolutely everything in terms of diet for my two animals, I do believe I have found it with Timberwolf. I know the word is out here in Orlando as the people at the Edgewood feed store seem to sell a lot of it. Anyway, my daughter has her foxhound on it, and her friend Barbara has her two great Dane puppies on it. This is what I've observed: #1 My dogs consume the food with eagerness every day! This has never ever happened with any other dry food, ever. Maybe they like it because there is a high percentage of quality meat in the kibble. #2 their coat color has deepened dramatically. The red in Ginger's coat is astonishing. Freddie, who has German Shepherd and I believe, dachshund, lines in him, the beigy-brown colors have turned a definite red. Freddie's ongoing tartar problem has cleared up, and no more doggy breath. All scratching and skin problems are gone. Their coats are glossy. Both dogs have a high energy level, and there is good muscle definition. #3 their stools are well formed, not dry, little odor, indicating good intestinal flora which is the foundation to all land mammals health. #4 the cost of the food is very reasonable. I can't believe all the expensive "organic, natural, etc." dog food I have purchased at chain pet stores as well as on the internet, which my dogs found unpalatable and which did nothing to contribute to my dogs' health or well being. Thanks for making this product!"

Elaine. Longwood, FL


" I have a small dog rescue and the shelters love to send us all their little, scruffy looking dogs. Many of these dogs are suffering from severe hair loss. Most of the time, the problem is due to flea bite dermatitis, but some of them have problems caused by food allergies. They are in such terrible shape that I have had to use 3 supplements: Prozyme, Nupro and Seameal. One thing I have noticed on your food is that after about a week I don't have to supplement. That saves me a lot of money. We are now feeding Timberwolf foods exclusively. The dogs love it. We can't wait to try the new supplements as well. Thanks!". 

Lori Adams. Small Dog & Cocker Rescue. Casselberry, FL



Oh, by the way, we have noticed that the dog smell has improved tremendously!!! It was normal for our dogs to start stinking only a few days after their Sunday bath. The returning smell was disheartening after all our efforts to keep them fresh.

Now, their whole smell has changed... it is much more mild and less *dawggie*."



Hope Skinner


"Since being on Timberwolf products, my dogs have glossier coats and energy. They also go nuts for the various treats and supplements Timberwolf produces. Barclay (80# Shepherd), Jade (40# Sheltie/Chow), and I thank you for caring enough to make a food that's both healthy and appealing!" 

Chris & Barbara Hobart. Orlando, FL


 "Hi again. Just want to communicate to you that your web site is up and running, I accessed it quite readily. I tried the apples, lamb and barley yesterday. Ginger and Freddy ate it up quite eagerly. I tasted a small sample and was intrigued with the licoricey flavor ( I love licorice!) Well the true test for me was the state of my dogs stool today and I must tell you this food passes with flying colors! Their stool was soft and well formed. There was no buggy eyed straining with a dried up lincoln log.(read the book Smarter than You Think) Anyway, I think I may have found a dog food I can be truly committed to, so I hope you will continue to manufacture this product. The price is reasonable, your packaging is definitely targeting a more educated, environmentally and nutritionally aware population. I believe your food could be a smashing success. Stick with it, PLEASE!! I'll report back to you again as I see more what this kibble can do. So far I feel pretty excited about it. By the way I enjoyed our phone conversation on Monday afternoon. May the WOLF be with you!" 

Elaine. Longwood, FL



Hi all,

Just a comment on the Timberwolf Organics dog food. Whenever a new food that looks like it has potential comes on the market I order some. My dogs are mostly raw fed so I try the food's on my neighbors dogs (yes, my neighbors love me :). With their dogs I can see changes in condition much easier. Anyhow, an order of Timberwolf Organics arrived yesterday. Now remember, I am not a big kibble fan at all but I have to say I was impressed with this food. Far beyond any other kibble I have seen to date and that is about all of the premium brands on the market. The food smells incredibly fresh. Not a dog food smell at all. It is rich and moist looking and is packed in oxygen proof foil bags. The ingredients overall look very good. They do guarantee that 91% of the protein in the food comes from the meat source and that it has a low carbohydrate percentage compared to other kibbles. A nice selection of herbs and you can actually smell them in the food. Chelated minerals. The price was very reasonable. About $1.00 per pound. The supplement also looks excellent. It does contain some yeast cultures as does the food I believe. Anyhow, just wanted to say at this point I am impressed with the freshness and smell as well as the mfg.'s info for a kibble food & will try it on my own dogs next time I go out of town. The real test, of course, will be a month from now when the neighbors dogs have been eating it for a while. Will let you know.

Stacey G. Colorado





Hi Mark- 

Hope your holidays were good! We talked awhile back (I know you talk to so many you've probably forgotten! ha ha) I ordered a breeders pack of the Lamb Roll from you, first I want to say "WOW"!!!!!! Was I truly impressed! From a "Human" standpoint the food looked and smelled very fresh, was very solid, and looked very appealing. The ingredients floored me (such good quality!) of course the test was the dogs, and they LOVED it! (I have a Rottie and a Rat Terrier) I mix the lamb roll with their current kibble so that they get 1/2 lamb roll and 1/2 Nutro Natural... (Last time we talked you were temporarily out of the Lamb kibble). Anyway, I wanted to let you know again how IMPRESSED I was with the quality of your food!!! I know it is NOT easy being a "newcomer" into the world of Dog Food, and after talking to you on the phone I can tell you are truly a person of integrity who truly cares about animals, their nutrition and the quality of product you put out! I hope that never changes! <smile> I notice you don;t post much on the AOL boards anymore, not that I blame you, they (some of the posters) can be real spitfires<G> (heh, heh!) I wanted to let you know that *I* for one am very pleased with what I have ordered from you and will continue to order from you in the future. I am excited about your new upcoming Beef/Tripe roll? (I assume this will be similar to the lamb roll!) I am looking forward to when this comes out and will be ordering this as well as some of your Wild Elements supplement. Just wanted to take the time to write and let you know again how very pleased I am with your product and I do recommend you to various rescues and rescue folks I work with (I do Rottweiler Rescue) I hope 2001 is a "banner year" for your company and that you continue to prosper and do well in the pet food market. It can be Soooo hard to find QUALITY pet food out there, that anytime we find someone who is good and has an excellent product we fear they will "get out of the business!"


Jackie and Max


Hi Mark,

 Thanks for letting me know. I hope it gets here tomorrow cause Skye is now hooked on TWO! We ran out Monday (my fault for not reordering soon enough) so I got some Innova & Canidae to try. Well, he'll grudgingly eat the canned, but NOT THE KIBBLE! I even mixed the canned & kibble with some TWO lamb roll on top (to get him primed), but he just eats the lamb roll and leaves the rest. He's holding out for his TWO! Luckily, we have enough lamb roll to keep the picky butt from starving to death, but used a lot of it tonight for treats because we started agility classes. Great fun! I'm so pleased with the results we have with TWO. People always comment on how pretty he is (naturally) but also how soft & shiny his coat is. They always ask what kind of dog he is. I guess they expect him to be some kind of exotic purebred rather than a mixed breed. But he's a pure joy to me.

Thanks again for your personal attention,




I am very impressed with your products. Can you please let me know where I can find them? I live on Long Island in New York (Suffolk County). 



 I have 2 min. Schnauzers. My dogs really like the dog ford and I just want you to know that you have a great product and I will be a loyal consumer. Thank you for making such a great product. The premium feed store on Lancaster really took a leading role in choosing your brand. Good luck with your business.

Melanie Bergmann



Hey yall, when will this good food be available? I know it will be good with all the research and study that has been done. You taught me to read the labels on dog food and it is real discouraging! Look forward to trying your new products. I know they will nutritionally be everything our dogs will need to live long healthy lives.





Hello Mark, 

Just wanted to let you know that I picked up 2 bags of your Lamb and also bought the "Wild Elements" for my Beauceron puppy. Your food is excellent! I am switching him over little by little and it is agreeing with him. We have one happy puppy here...he loves your food! Mark..hurry and get your shampoos in...I want to try the Northern Wilderness! Also..cat food? Do you have that out yet? As you can tell....I am glad that I found your products!:)

Lynn Smallwood


My dog Skye has been on Timberwolf about 2 mos now. He likes it, a big plus since he's finicky. This is the first food we've tried that he'll eat all of rather than just pick at it. He's been on the Canine supplement about a month now and that (along with feeding the correct amount) has eliminated his excess gas (which I'm VERY happy about). His coat is softer and shinier now too. The lamb roll is excellent for training treats and "just because". I plan on staying with Timberwolf Organics. Thanks Mark!

Alicia Kindle. Oklahoma