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Heritage® 8oz Dry Slow Roasted Beef Liver Nuggets


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100% pure beef nibble sized liver nuggets, gently roasted in hot air ovens with a tasty nutrient dense crispy texture, irresistible to puppies and dogs of all ages.

Cooked at low oven temperatures for a naturally delicious nutrient intense delicacy. 

Show handlers have been using dehydrated liver as "bait" for umpteen years, and raw feeders try to supplement 5% of their dog's diet as liver for the vitamins and minerals liver provides.

 Use as a convenient nibble size nugget for a quick training tool or as a wholesome anytime reward because who can say no to those puppy dog eyes?

Guaranteed delicious and will please any breed, any size and even the poshest of pooches.

 These tasty morsels are the reward your pet longs for.


Ingredients American Beef Liver


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Customer Reviews

  • Quality
    Review by Anonymous on 4/3/2018
    Love that there are no additives and it's so healthy for my dogs! They totally love these!
  • Quality
    The Real Deal
    Review by AthenaMaiaon 8/30/2017
    My GSD LOOOVES these treats!! And I love them too! They're small enough to use as training treats, although some pieces may be too big for this purpose. Because these are obviously real pieces of liver, they're not uniform. Some pieces will be really small (smaller than kibble), and some will be pretty big (double, even triple the size of kibble). But the versatility is phenomenal, and they're completely dry, so no mess. I parse the smaller pieces to use as training treats, and leave the bigger ones as snack or food topper.

    The quality is undeniable. The pieces smell, look and taste like liver (yup! I tasted them), and they last a long time - months - in their original, resealable bag. I'd recommend keeping them in an airtight container for certainty, but I've kept them inside the original bag, in the container where we keep the dry kibble, and they're just as fresh.

    I will probably continue to purchase these in future, and I recommend them enthusiastically.
  • Value
    Review by Babson 2/23/2017
    These are really great, small enough to use as bait in the show ring without being icky and messing up my pockets and don't leave residue on her teeth. No judge wants to see nasty teeth when they look in the dogs mouth.