Our facilities

At Timberwolf, our belief in using all-natural ingredients goes hand in hand with our concern for the environment. Our warehouse facility is located deep within the largest underground business complex in the world, which was carved out of old limestone mines underneath hills and bluffs in the late 1800s. More than 150 feet under the earth's surface, there are miles of clean white painted passageways supported by gigantic 12 feet thick rock pillars.

Using underground space offers several environmental advantages, including naturally controlled humidity levels (within 1-2% year-round) and constant cool temperatures. We don't have to deal with the elements, and being so far down provides a naturally cold, energy-efficient environment ideal for food storage. In addition, our facilities utilize electric forklifts instead of the exhaust-emitting propane-powered variety. We are located close to neighboring rail and transportation services to increase energy and fuel efficiency.

Our facilities are FDA-compliant food grade facilities. They feature State-of-the-Art technology, including bar coding and full electronic data interchange (EDI) capabilities.

The environmentally friendly vehicles that deliver our food rely on low-sulfur diesel fuel, which is cleaner burning and produces less carbon dioxide than gasoline. Using domestic ingredients reduces fuel consumption, one of the leading causes of global warming. And because we don’t need to ship over long distances, we are able to reduce transportation costs, enabling us to keep our prices under control.

We firmly believe that our environment is very important. In the development of our products, every consideration is given to the environment wherever possible.

Sustainable sources

We obtain our fish from sustainable sources, i.e., "in quota" stocks. These fish are not identified as being under threat.

An astounding 50% of fish is considered "waste" by the food industry. Although just as nutritious as the rest of the fish, this 50% is simply thrown away. Our products were developed after many years of research into better utilization of whole fish. Better utilization makes better use of our natural resources and reduces landfill.

Recyclable glass

Our Wild Salmon Oil is packaged in amber glass bottles, which are better for the environment than their plastic counterparts. Plastic is a petroleum-based product that causes environmental pollution during its production. By using glass bottles, we reduce our consumption of fossil fuels and help to reduce global warming.


We are continually reviewing the availability of biodegradable packaging for our products. However, due to the naturally occurring oil content in fish and the limited packaging that is available, paper and plastic packaging is not suitable for our food products.