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December 2015

In the coming months we will transition our moniker Timberwolf Platinum to Timberwolf Legends.
After some reflection, we feel Legends more relevantly depicts our brand heritage and the familial significance of our diets. 
Legends of our canines and felines ancestry are an evolution from the wild to the domesticated pets we love today.  A resonant ancestral diet focused on high levels of animal proteins is an innate history of our nutritional wholesome formulas in the making.
Transition to the new name including rebranding of products and changes to packaging has effectively begun in our European markets with transitions for our US, Asian, and Russian Federation markets to follow soon  During the transition, you may find or receive Timberwolf in both names, Platinum and/or Legends as we work through our current Platinum label inventory,  
The transition requires no changes in UPC designations which will remain the same per formula and sku size with minimal to no changes in the formulations.