Timberwolf is sold exclusively through veterinary clinics, specialty pet shops, groomers, kennels and other independent pet professional organizations. We are happy to invite new partners to join us in promoting our diets to pets worldwide.

 Many here in the USA and overseas have already experienced the value that comes with advocating Timberwolf rotational diets.

 Our nutrient-dense formulas provide a rich supply of meat-based proteins, fruits and berries, vegetables & herbs.  Fully balanced, with vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids pre biotics and pro biotics to promote optimal health.

 Timberwolf diets are recommended by holistic veterinarians and world class pet enthusiasts worldwide.

Weather dynamic hard working dogs, highly active agility performers or show dogs, handlers understand that proper nutrition is an significant basis in fostering and elevating the best health and vitality of animals under their control. 

Breeders who need their animals in prime performance condition, before, during and after lactating, for their puppies and kittens that rely on sound nutrition for optimum growth and energy for their very active years..  Animal guardians with pets with food sensitivities or owners with a keen knowledge of health and nutrition, all know the long term value of feeding a nutrient dense diet.

 We are proud that we have been able to provide so many dogs and cats with the necessary tools for optimum health and conditioning.

 With two state of the art manufacturing facilities, we have the capacity to handle all of your ordering, supply and shipping needs. 

 We offer diets pet owners believe in.  An extensive track record of performance driven formulations, effective array of fresh ingredients and diverse choice unique formulas.   

 Click on any of the drop down menus to find a program that fits your needs.  Join Timberwolf today!